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  1. Enhanced e-Petition System, similar to UK (consult my ebook on Petitions for suggested attributes)
  2. Removal of State Duty law (GST is in effect)
  3. Removal of Civil Defamation Law as Criminal Defamation Law is sufficient in its scope (removal will promote non-fiction publishing, media reporting and new methods of dispute resolution, only exception which could be tolerated is retaining for children and others in society who cannot adequately write to protect their own interests)
  4. Ongoing Law Improvement: Government Review of Case Law for Implementation into Statute Law; Removal of Latin terminology; Introduction of Reason/s for Law in All Acts of Parliament; Consistent review provisions for each Act of Parliament; Identify all entities appearing in Legislation by ABN, ACN, etc
  5. New Government body to receive writing, in particular that relating to disputes from their citizens to achieve 2 purposes: 1) Issue closure through writing and 2) Acquire intelligence on disputes
  6. Introduce 40km flashing signs at EVERY school in the State which activate at school drop-off and collection hours for the safety of our children
  7. Removal of plastic bags from supermarkets (like SA, Tasmania, ACT, NT)
  8. Tighten gambling advertising so relevant information must be delivered in serous tone
  9. Prohibit ‘whole premise’ alcohol ban in hostels as encourages public drinking by tourists and Australians
  10. Review branding laws for young livestock intended for sale (branding should be discouraged in this situation)
  11. Executed wills should be able to be registered with the Public Trustee (open to the public and lawyers to register)
  12. Consider assisting PEN organization to be started in Queensland
  13. Consider introducing a Law and Justice Foundation in Queensland established under an Act of Parliament (similar to that in New South Wales and Victoria)
  14. Legal deposit obligations could extend to eBooks published by Queensland author in foreign/other jurisdiction (the NLA has a requirement for Australian authors), and apply common sense rules for when physical publication contains enclosed within the publication, 1 unique object for sale or distribution (in this instance, publication would be one-of-a-kind); also consider delaying legal deposit to State Library and National Library for sensitive publications (with no delay for deposit to Parliamentary Library)
  15. Amend the Legal Profession Act to provide the following individuals with a right to perform basic legal services for fee or reward: 1) individuals holding legal qualification/s ie. law degree, graduate diploma of legal practice; and 2) unemployed lawyers who possess a restricted practising certificate.
  16. Publish a monthly or quarterly government bulletin that promotes start-ups of the State so that exposure of new and/or existing start-ups is maximised (Best practice would be free listing to Queensland entrepreneurs and free access to publication by the general public)
  17. Consider for entertainment: Public display of ships entering into Port (like Ireland)
  18. Consider mandating/subsidizing back-up electric engine systems for ships (for Marine Safety)
  19. In Brisbane, assist Royal Australian Navy Writers Association to build navy memorial statue in prominent public space at South Bank (so that park entrance looks complete)
  20. In Brisbane, assist the Brisbane Arts Theatre to paint the exterior of their building
  21. Consider introduction of Entrepreneurs School (like KaosPilot in Aarhus, Denmark)
  22. Consider introduction of new traffic law where drivers need to move to the sides of the highway when traffic slows down/stops to allow emergency vehicles to pass through (like Germany)
  23. Consider introduction of photographic identification or licence for bicycle users (as under consideration in New South Wales)
  24. Consider Bicycle Super Highway (like Greater Copenhagen, Denmark)
  25. Consider making emergency car kits, consisting of: torch, breakdown triangle, high-visibility vest, first aid kit and fire extinguisher, compulsory in the interests of safety (like France)
  26. Consider Free Nightly Entertainment at the Brisbane Riverstage (similar to Magic Fountain, Barcelona, Spain)
  27. Prohibit work experience arrangements that involve one person working and also paying for the privilege to work (so that legislative or other requirements may be satisfied for the person starting a career path) and at the same time implement work experiences schemes whereby government agencies or approved provider has supervising role at no cost to the unemployed person seeking career path advancement
  28. Consider introducing new legislation re confidentiality of government letters (for transparency, it may be that confidentiality is at the discretion of the recipient or it may be good practice for government to openly publish its letters)
  29. Develop railway from Ipswich to Fernvale to service Fernvale, Wivenhoe, Lowood and the greater Lockyer Valley (similar to service currently being provided to Rosewood)
  30. Mandate an ongoing review of strict liability offences so that the common person in society is not automatically made a criminal where it is not justified (when measured against current societal norms)
  31. Consider new sentencing option for minor offences, that is payment to charity (similar to court poor boxes in Ireland)
  32. Consider free to view TVs (and other entertainment) in hospitals for the benefit of patients (to make their stay the best it can be)
  33. Consider streamlining of police emergency numbers – 3 police contact numbers may be too confusing for the general public – 000, 112, 131 444 – perhaps 112 should no longer be advertised
  34. Consider review of demerit point system for road users – perhaps points can be reinstated/added if the driver completes a course or undertakes some action positive to the community
  35. Consistently review and assess the benefits of water fluoridation in Queensland against international health standards, reports, etc
  36. In the Future, consider registration of robots used in the public (similar to vehicle registration)
  37. In the Future, consider virtual reality sentencing options (not as a form of torture or punishment but as a form of education or providing another point of view)


  1. Join the European Union/Implement Bilateral Mobility Agreements/Republic Referendum
  2. Other States and Commonwealth, Implement Queensland system of law-making
  3. Introduce same-sex marriage (following recent lead of Ireland and the USA)
  4. Introduce a uniform scheme for anti-discrimination laws (attributes should be consistent throughout the country)
  5. Centrelink system that is: upfront with unemployed entitlements i.e. dental, holidays, for-profit work experience, medical/emergency arrangements, freedom to travel, etc; using technology to promote unemployed profile (find an employee search); and favouring start-ups over work for the dole arrangements (start-ups can generate jobs, whereas the increase of volunteer ‘jobs’ does not encourage job creation)
  6. Health stands in cities where people can check their physical fitness, blood pressure (similar to Denmark)
  7. Consider paying food supplement to those persons diagnosed in society with gluten intolerance, etc (similar to Norway)
  8. Consider making the following medical/health services free for the general public – chiropractor adjustment by advanced chiropractor & muscle pressure-point session by fitness trainer (1 per year of each to deliver health and productivity outcomes)
  9. Subsidize free distribution of St John’s Ambulance First Aid App for Residents and Tourists
  10. Introduce parking and electricity exemptions for electric vehicles and offer lower registration fees (similar to Norway)
  11. Written contract requirement for employment relationship (similar to New Zealand)
  12. Government Agency to assess and save Websites intended to be Decommissioned by Citizens
  13. Consider Free Higher Education for Citizens (similar to Germany, Chile to introduce in 2016)
  14. Consider full Transition to Digital Radio (phase out of traditional Radio, Norway will phase out 2017)
  15. Consider allowing community radio providers to have unfettered commercial advertising with foreign organisations to promote international trade (and to help sustain community radio now and into the future)
  16. Consider introducing Government-run entrepreneur hotline to assist new Australian start-ups and introduce more flexible grants (similar to Innovation Norway)
  17. Consider setting up an Australian entrepreneur start-up department that is marketed as the first point of call for entrepreneurs and that which is integrated with IP Australia to assist with intellectual property development (to better support solo entrepreneurs and to stimulate & promote the Australian economy)
  18. Consider IP Source being available to all patent holders so that patents may be commercialised with greater efficiency (currently available to universities and health institutions only)
  19. Investigate allowing anyone to represent another in court or tribunal hearings (civil matters only, similar to Sweden); in interim promote concept that is McKenzie Friend
  20. Consider taking constitutional ownership of Registered relationships & Domestic Violence legislation so that the Commonwealth takes full control of family matters (will allow a one court system approach like New Zealand).
  21. Consider whether a legislative update is required to ensure a family law property settlement takes into account a victims of crime compensation payment for domestic violence (so as to avoid or reduce a potential double financial benefit in favour of the victim when the adjustment is influenced by the incidence of domestic violence having had occurred).
  22. Consider voting system that facilitates automatic membership of party that has been voted for (basic level membership) to improve democratic process in Australia.
  23. Consider if legal personality should be introduced for pets, in particular dogs (so that they may be treated like children instead of property in family law dispute matters)
  24. Develop railway from Canberra to SkiTube on Alpine Way (Perisher) to improve snow-based tourism in Australia.
  25. Clarify trademark protection regarding the Sydney Opera House so that improper protection is not claimed (no other building in Australia I believe enjoys protection to the extent which is claimed)
  26. Consider ongoing entry into Eurovison song contest to assist with EU integration and to promote Australian music industry
  27. Consider offering a new tax incentive to large employers which in effect rewards the organisation for having their employees work from home (this will ease traffic congestion)
  28. Consider funding a new UN peacekeepers centre for Brisbane to facilitate Brisbane taking a more active role in the Pacific and to educate/inform the public (Brisbane could rival Geneva and New York as a world centre)


  1. Develop and roll-out World Constitution and e-Democracy (real-time voting on major issues by population at large)
  2. Implement Queensland Parliamentary Law-making model (which is world-class)
  3. Implement free WiFi in Capital City Shopping Malls (like Brisbane, Australia)
  4. Implement plain cigarette packets with graphic health warning (which has been implemented Australia-wide)
  5. Monitor discussion/debate on basic income for citizens (Switzerland to hold referendum, if basic income introduced, could follow Denmark’s lead on Flexisecurity – companies can easily hire and fire workers as there is safety net for the unemployed)
  6. Consider worldwide implementation of passport card to make travel convenient (similar to Irish card used for travel throughout EU)

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