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If you wish to submit an article to for possible inclusion in the APL-SS Bulletin, you will need to accept the following Terms and Conditions:

  • Article: Where an article is sent to us for publication in the APL-SS Bulletin, we may publish it in the APL-SS Bulletin at our discretion. If the article is published in the bulletin, it will be at no cost to you and you will receive no payment from us. We obtain free content for the Bulletin and you obtain free publishing in our Bulletin.
  • By sending us the article you acknowledge that you are the owner of the works (or have the lawful right to publish the works), have not plagiarised the works, have not, to your knowledge, breached the copyright or other right of a person/entity and have reviewed the works and provide assurance that the works do not defame another person or entity or breach any other law, civil or criminal. You further acknowledge that the article is not required to be sent for classification with the Australian Classifications Board and have not received a classification; and you agree not to send us any explicit pictures. For fictional works, you in addition acknowledge that all characters, places and events contained in your works are fictional creations to which no real life parallel or resemblance could be drawn.
The Fine Print…
  • Except to the extent the law provides that liability may not be excluded, Safe Sailing( is not under any liability to you arising from or in respect of any loss or damage (including consequential or indirect loss or damage or loss of profits) howsoever caused, which may be suffered or incurred or which may arise directly or indirectly in respect of article publishing/distribution services by the publisher to you or in the exercise of a right by Safe Sailing( pursuant to these Terms and Conditions. You further agree to indemnify Safe Sailing( and/or its agents against any claim, judgment or investigation which may arise in relation to the above mentioned services, to the full extent permissible at law (inclusive of damages, interest, costs, etc). It is made clear that this clause survives the ending, termination, frustration, etc of this agreement; you agree to and acknowledge the ongoing nature of this clause.
  • Certain legislation may imply conditions and warranties into these Terms and Conditions. To the extent that such conditions and warranties may lawfully be excluded, all such conditions and warranties are expressly excluded.
  • This Agreement is governed by the laws applying to the State of Queensland, Australia. Any dispute arising from the interpretation or operation of this Agreement which cannot be resolved through informal means is to be heard in a Queensland court or tribunal or an Australian federal court or tribunal. No exception applies.
  • You agree that the publisher may amend these Terms and Conditions at any time. If the publisher amends the Terms and Conditions, you further agree to be bound by the amended Terms and Conditions. It is made expressly clear that the publisher will not hold you to an amendment that is not fair and reasonable. If required, this clause is severable from the Terms and Conditions.

Upon acceptance of the Terms and Conditions, you may submit your article to In your email, you will need to state that you have accepted the terms and conditions for submitting your article for possible inclusion in the APL-SS Bulletin.

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