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Miscellaneous: Legal health checklist (SAFE SAILING)

Miscellaneous: Legal health checklist (SAFE SAILING)

Legal Health Checklist

Will To facilitate the distribution of your estate upon your death.
Enduring Power of Attorney To allow others to make decisions for you when you are not able to do so yourself.
Binding Nomination for   Superannuation To make it clear to your superannuation fund who is to receive   the benefit of your super in the event that you do not reach retirement.
Australian Organ Donor Register – Department of Human Services To facilitate organ donation upon your death. Ensure that your intention to donate or not to donate matches your will instructions.
Electoral Enrolment – Australian Electoral Commission To enable voting at elections which is mandatory.
Australian Communications and Media Authority – Do Not Call Register To reduce telemarketing calls to your home, mobile or fax number.


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