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Free Legal Rights Information (Free)

Author: Andrew Bird

Title: Free Legal Rights Information

ISBN 9780994437730

Publication Date: 13 October 2015

Book Overview: This publication incorporates selected free legal summaries from the website Access Point Law. Queensland statutory law is predominantly featured, along with a couple of Commonwealth Acts.  The publication is a good way to gain exposure to the law of Queensland and it may flag some pitfalls in the law which you may like to avoid in your everyday life or business dealings. [Non-fiction]

Length: 118-119 A4 pages; size 9 Arial

Format: eBook (PDF without Digital Rights Management). Opens with PDF reader app. Suitable for computers & smartphones.

Sharing/Lending: Yes

Distribution: No

Copying/Printing/Text to Speech: No

File Size: 2.00MB

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Free Legal Rights Information

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