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New Concept Music Ebook

New Concept Music Ebook – useful for emerging artists‏

I have created a new concept music ebook which would work well as a tool to promote emerging artists. A copy can be viewed here:

The premise works as follows:

1) The artist publishes their original music on Youtube – sample, complete, mix, etc – The artist may elect for the video to be Public or Unlisted (anyone with the link can view). The artist can in the Description, add a link to where the music is for sale – either a website or the iTunes listing. The link will work when the video is uploaded.

2) The artist engages Safe as publisher to publish a promotional music eBook. The artist would supply publisher with a cover photo for the publication and the relevant youtube links (in a table or listed format) and perhaps any further information they would like to share to their audience eg. lyrics, facebook links, etc. The artist can elect for the eBook to be free for download or for the publication to be for sale.

What is achieved?

The artist is ‘published’ and the artist has full control over their own music (The artist can delete their music at their discretion from Youtube). The artist has not contributed their music to the libraries so the music is not stored permanently in the public domain. The eBook can be used as a promotional tool to promote their music. It would be another tool for music promotion. And the credibility of artists is perhaps increased when published on a site outside their own.

(derived from email dated 6 August 2015)

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