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Reforms to Tenancy Databases in Queensland

Reforms to Tenancy Databases in Queensland

The Queensland Government is looking to reform tenancy databases maintained by third parties in Queensland. In some instances, I could see that it could operate harshly against those in vulnerable housing situations. The flagged reforms may have been the result of a recent Queensland decision where allegations of defamation were made after a listing in a tenancy database. You can view the decision here:  Findley v Morand & Ors [2014] QSC 297 (9 December 2014). This is the link to RTA webpage that details the intended reforms – Tenancy Database Reforms [Residential Tenancies Authority – Queensland]. Queenslanders have until 28 January to comment on the draft legislation.

Added 6 June 2016:

New article by RTA: Important changes to tenancy database laws

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