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2016-17 – APL Monthly Update Log for June 2016


The Free Legal Education summaries found in Access Point Law are updated monthly by the author. The following are the Queensland law change highlights for the month of June 2016.


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30 June 2016

Section 59 of the Child Protection Act 1999 relating to when the Childrens Court may make a child protection order has been amended. When there are exceptional circumstances (and the making of the order has been contested), it may be inappropriate to require the parties to hold a conference prior to an order being made.

The role of a separate representative lawyer for a child has been further elaborated/clarified pursuant to amended subsection 110(4) of the Child Protection Act 1999.

Section 113 of the Child Protection Act 1999 has been strengthened. Non-parties who wish to participate in proceedings face submissions from other parties in relation to their participation (previously submissions were limited to viewing documents or information).

New section 315A has been added to Schedule 1 of the Criminal Code Act 1899 – A person commits a crime if the person unlawfully chokes, suffocates or strangles another person and the person is in a domestic relationship with the other person (or the action is associated domestic violence).

New regulation 19A of the State Penalties Enforcement Regulation 2014 allows infringement notices to be served by email address or mobile phone number (at the consent of the person being served).

1 new Act has been introduced, namely, the Queen’s Wharf Brisbane Act 2016. 1 Act has been repealed, namely, the Plant Protection Act 1989 (it no longer forms part of current Queensland legislation).

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