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2016-07 – No Library Catalogue for Ebooks

Today I thought it was time to conduct a library catalogue search for the 55 publications I have published since 6 March 2014 and deposited at the State Library of Queensland and the National Library of Australia. An ISBN search of the SLQ & NLA catalogues revealed only 1 catalogue listing for 1 of the 55 publications. The relevant listing was for a special concept print book that was published called ‘An Australian on a Baltic Cruise’. The other 54 publications were published in the eBook format only. It appears these may never obtain a library catalogue listing. I am not too much concerned about this situation but the general public might – some of my eBooks are for purchase and if they were catalogued they could be viewed (for free) in the library. Some library cataloguing policies might need to be reviewed in light of this article so that Queensland and Australia remain at the forefront of the digital revolution.


As at 15 January, it appears the catalogues have been updated:

NLA (entries found via ISBN search)


Safe Sailing the Whitsunday Islands : a record attempt / by Andrew Bird.

McKenzie Friends : Support Material for Queensland Australia.

The Truth As a Defence to Defamation : Support Material for Queensland Australia.

Peace and Tranquillity.

Innovation From 1994 : A Selection of Patents Filed That Year in Australia.

Low Cost Tablet Advertising.

Mud Island : Five of the Best.

The Use of Ebooks As Evidence : Support Material for Queensland Australia.

Final Submission by Andrew Bird for Access to Justice Public Inquiry.

Innovation From 1995 : A Selection of Patents Filed That Year in Australia.

4 Dates for Someone Special [Budget Edition, BNE].

Comparison of Anti-Discrimination Laws, Australia.

Innovation Patents Filed in Australia 06 And 07.

Stockholm : Five of the Best.

Tallinn : Five of the Best.

St. Petersburg : Five of the Best.

Lubeck : Five of the Best.

Copenhagen : Five of the Best.

Kristiansand : Five of the Best.

An Australian on a Baltic Cruise (3) – [including 1 PRINT]

Sydney : Five of the Best.

One Disaster at a Time by Steve Oakley.

Brisbane : Five of the Best.

The Future of EBook Promotional Events.

Petitions in Paper Format (and the Future of Petitions) – Support Material for Queensland, Australia.

Christmas in Brisbane : Five of the Best.

Making Radio Visual by Packaging Audio Recording.

Ireland : The Rock Whence I Was Hewn by Donn Byrne [ENHANCED EBOOK].

Low-Maintenance Community Radio Programming.

Ireland in Two Days.

Valentine’s Busk 2015 : An Interview by Andrew Bird.

Safe Sailing Ebook Catalogue April 2015.

Auld Lang Syne – Music Recording by Andrew Bird.

Access Point Law : An Update.

Will the Future Lawyer Be a Journalist?.

Canberra : Five of the Best.

Free Legal Rights Information.

Silence Is Punishment – Support Material for Domestic Violence.


SLQ (entries found via ISBN search)


An Australian on a Baltic cruise / Andrew Bird [1 PRINT]

National Library of New Zealand


One disaster at a time / by Steve Oakley.

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