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2016-06 – Spitsbergen The Final Frontier

I don’t think many Australians know that Spitsbergen is a place where Australians can validly live and work – refer to the below wikipedia articles. It is in the Arctic northwest of Norway and is serviced by the warm gulf stream so that the weather isn’t as cold as it could possibly be but nevertheless it is an arctic climate. What I think is cool about Spitsbergen is that it is a mixed community and it is home to the Svalbard Global Seed Vault.  [Note: New Zealand is another place Australians can move to which is a little closer to home]

Wikipedia – Spitsbergen

Wikipedia – Svalbard Treaty

The Governor of Svalbard – Entry and residence

New in Norway: Practical Information from Public Offices

(Added link on 17 May 2016)

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