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2016-05 – Helping the Unemployed

If society honestly wants those who are unemployed to be raised up and be given a fair opportunity at being accepted into a position, it may need to consider: 1) providing free gym and chiropractor to those who are unemployed so as to boost physical strength and morale; and 2) setting up conferences whereby unemployed persons suitable to an industry are promoted. At one time I found myself with a broken screen iphone which I could not afford to fix and I waited a couple of months for a new phone on my plan. I found myself thinking whether people just saw me as an unemployed person with a broken iphone and that’s where I was to stay. Just because you see someone in a certain position, doesn’t mean that they have to stay in that position or situation. One decent paycheck and they have a new iphone without a broken screen. [and this should probably be a given, society should also consider providing comprehensive non-biased information on unemployed entitlements – holiday leave without pay, free dental care, etc. What harm is there to give people full and frank information?]

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